Workshop program

Times are given will be handled flexibly and according to the intererst of the participants

Monday, 10. 5.

9.15 Overview and introduction A general introduction into the different microarray platforms available and the MapMen suite of tools designed to analyse them comprehensively
9.45 Microarray analysis Discussion of the stepwise analysis of a microarray experiment: Quality assessment, normalization and statistical analysis using different approaches.
12.00 Lunch break  
13.00 Introduction to using Robin Presentation of the Robin application and it's capabilities (and where they end)
13.30 Robin workshop Hands-on demonstration and training of using Robin to process and analyse Affymetrix, single channel AGILENT and two-color microarrays
16.30 Questions and Answers Time to ask questions

Tuesday, 11. 5.

9.15 What next? MapMan and PageMan! Introduction into the features offered by MapMan and PageMan
10.15 MapMan workshop Hands-on demonstration of microarray experiment visualization using the rich features of MapMan - General usage & simple pathway displays, time course data, clustering of genes based on expression profile, Venn diagrams, Chromosome view, visualizing and analyzing combined datasets (metabolites, proteins, transcripts).
12.00 Lunch break  
13.00 MapMan workshop Workshop continued - adapting the MapMan ontology and application to individual experiments / specialized use cases or chip platforms.
15.00 PageMan workshop Demonstration and application of the PageMan tool for multiple experiment analysis
16.30 Questions and Answers Time to ask questions