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MapMan is a user-driven tool that displays large datasets (e.g. gene expression data from Arabidopsis Affymetrix arrays) onto diagrams of metabolic pathways or other processes.

MapMan was developed in cooperation with the group of Mark Stitt. For technical details, please contact Marie Bolger, for other questions, please contact Björn Usadel.

  • Version 3.6.0RC1 (19.06.2013) RELEASE CANDIDATE EXPERIMENTAL! (history)

    • New detail view on multiple data diagrams (right click, show details, show multiple graphs). Credits go to Elijah Myers of Virginia Tech
    • New type of installers which need Java to be installed
    • The search for publications concerning a given gene has been updated to use NCBI EUtils
    • Small changes to the data filter interface
    • Someusability enhancements
    • See NEW* installation instructions
  • Version 3.5.1 (19.11.2010) download (history)

    • Small BUGFIX release
    • BUGFIX: alignment options when editing pathways where blocked
    • BUGFIX: VennDIagramm4 misinterpretation of data due to typo
    • SMALL FEATURE: enabled data blocks to be displayed larger
    • SMALL FEATURE: Venn diagramms now have the sets names displayed
  • Download Version 3.1.0 (08.01.2010)   Version 3.1.0 from 29.01.2010 (history)
    • New Features: Venn diagram visualization
    • Requests related publications
    • New Interactive mouse overs for ease of use and additional information
    • Java 1.5 compliant for MacOSX users
    • For full details see Version History
    • See installation instructions
  • View Applicable License agreement
  • The Ultimate MapMan Install and Usage Guide MapManGuid.pdf * new .
  • Download MapMan pathway, mapping and sample data files.
    Get source data. Mapping files available in m02, text and xml format.
  • MapMan Forum:
    Post your questions, feature request and bug reports.
  • MapMan web-application: View some sample data sets.
  • MapMan annotation experts
  • References:
    • Reference: Usadel B, Poree F, Nagel A, Lohse M, Czedik-Eysenberg A, Stitt M (2009) A guide to using MapMan to visualize and compare Omics data in plants: a case study in the crop species, Maize. Plant Cell Environment, 32: 1211-1229 cited 28 times (as of May 2012)
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    • Reference: Thimm O, Blaesing O, Gibon Y, Nagel A, Meyer S, Krüger P, Selbig J, Müller LA, Rhee SY and M Stitt (2004) MAPMAN: a user-driven tool to display genomics data sets onto diagrams of metabolic pathways and other biological processes. Plant J. 37(6):914-39.
      Selected as fast breaking paper in plant and animal sciences:
      cited 507 times (as of May 2012).
  • Adaptations:
    •  Rotter A, Camps C, Lohse M, Kappel C, Pilati S, Hren M, Stitt M, Coutos-Thévenot P, Moser C, Usadel B, Delrot S, Gruden K. (2009) Gene expression profiling in susceptible interaction of grapevine with its fungal pathogen Eutypa lata: extending MapMan ontology for grapevine. BMC Plant Biol. 9:104. cited 11 times (as of May 2012).
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  • Acknowledgement: We would like to thank the TAIR team for their kind support in data annotation and good advices.


  • ToolTip with PubMed Info
  • Display time based Experiments
  • Show on Chromosome
  • PageMan Integration
  • Venn Diagram based on Annotation

Download: MapMan 3.5.1R2 Download: MapMan 3.5.1R2

Windows Installer( MapManLicense 3.0)
MacOSX Installer( MapManLicense 3.0)
Jar File( MapManLicense 3.0)
PDF Document 
  The Ultimate MapMan Install And Usage Guide.pdf
Linux Installer( MapManLicense 3.0)

Download: MapMan_3.6.0RC1 (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL) Download: MapMan_3.6.0RC1 (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL)

Windows Installer( MapManLicense 3.0)
Jar File( MapManLicense 3.0)
MacOSX Installer( MapManLicense 3.0)