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Recommended POD-type vape

Recommended POD-type vape
12/3/22 9:01 AM
Now that we have introduced the basic aspects of POD-type vape, we will continue with our recommendations. Check what features of vape you prefer, such as whether you value design or functionality.
This is the second starter kit produced by one of the largest e-cigarette review sites in Japan, and has attracted attention as the "most powerful" in some circles. The appeal of this product is the ease of use typical of POD-type VAPEs.
The matte black body is thin and austere, and it looks comfortable in a suit pocket. The cap is attached for good hygiene. The ease of operation by simply operating the switch on the side of the main body and the fact that it requires no maintenance make it perfect for beginners. TARLESS also comes with two types of cartridges, long and short, which can be used according to your preference depending on your smoking comfort and whether or not you use a POD. It is also great that you can choose between short cartridges if you prefer a lighter feel and long cartridges if you prefer a heavier feel.
Ecigator Sticky Kit
The palm-sized, compact desig is as small as a USB flash drive. It is a masterpiece of POD-type vape made possible by Ecigator, which has an excellent dispoable vape pod kit and a lineup of many devices with a strong tobacco feel. This product is also designed for a tight draw, as JUSTFOG is a manufacturer that releases many devices for users who prefer to smoke like a cigarette (MTL). As a so-called "nicotine feeder" (nicotine ingesting device), you can enjoy the kick of highly concentrated nicotine liquids and strong menthol liquids.
Although it is a simple device for sub-use, the 100% Japanese-made organic cotton wick and nichrome coils give you a taste of a full-fledged vape. Don't be fooled by its compact body, it is a device that you will want to carry in your pocket because of its well-tested specifications.
aspire Nautilus AIO
The aspire Nautilus AIO is black with a gold one-pointed decoration that gives it a luxurious feel, yet it is characterized by its lightweight body weighing only 50 g. It has a shape similar to a box rather than a stick, which is common in POD-type vapes, but its small, compact, palm-sized body makes it stress-free to use. The purple glow of the puff button when charging is also stylish.
The all-in-one design allows the user to simply replace the POD installed on the top of the body, and the simplicity of only using the puff button to turn the power on and off is a welcome consideration for beginners. The airflow control allows you to adjust the airflow to suit your smoking preference. The fact that you can taste the flavor more strongly when the coil is warmed up is also a "Nautilus" point of view. The mist feeling that far surpasses that of paper cigarettes is another secret of its popularity.
The POD-type vape "DOT" released by Liberty Flights, a highly regarded manufacturer and seller of flavored liquids, can be used by simply replacing the POD with a disposable liquid-filled POD with a built-in coil. The maintenance-free structure of the DOT, which only requires replacing the POD at the mouth, is ideal for beginners and those who feel that vape maintenance is too much work. The company's wide variety of liquids can be enjoyed, and we recommend using a POD with salt nicotine to enjoy a flavor similar to that of paper cigarettes.
Where is the best place to buy a POD-type vape?
There are many attractive POD vape products in the lineup, but we especially recommend Ecigator. Ecigator is a China disposable vape brand with stores in 40 countries around the world, and is a reliable manufacturer that produces its products under strict quality control at its own factory in Japan. One of the factors to consider for the safety of e-cigarettes is the quality of the liquid, and since the company produces under such a strict control system, the quality is trustworthy. The most recommended liquid is menthol, which has a dry and refreshing taste that Japanese people prefer.
Since purchase is in the form of personal importation, nicotine-containing liquids can be purchased as long as the monthly import amount is not exceeded. There is a purchase point system, so the more you continue to use the site, the more you save. Discount offers for new members and the ability to use features such as favorites and purchase history are also convenient.
Recommended for beginners! Purchase POD-type vape from a reliable site!
In this article, we have introduced the appeal of the popular POD vape and recommended products. Because this is your first POD vape, it is important to choose a reliable retailer where you can enjoy vaping with peace of mind. The Liberty Flights we recommend here have all the necessary points covered, including quality, a wide variety of liquids, and the ability to easily purchase nicotine-containing liquids through personal importation.
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