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Conflicting MapCave bins <> binnames

Conflicting MapCave bins <> binnames
mapping database mapcave data set
10/14/14 2:17 PM
Hi there,

I'm programmatically processing data from MapCave and found what appears to be a data inconsistency when searching at4g02580, at4g21490 against TAIR10:

bincode    binname                                                                               description     gene
#9.1.2     mitochondrial electron transport / ATP synthesis.NADH-DH.localisation not clear       no description  at4g02580
#   mitochondrial electron transport / ATP synthesis.NADH-DH.type II.external             no description  at4g21490

First line assigns bin #9.1 to "mitochondrial electron transport / ATP synthesis.NADH-DH" but the second line assigns bin #9.2 to the same name. Is this intentional?

To me it looks like the codes for the the second result are in incorrect order and should be #

Thanks for your help,