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Exit code 1

Exit code 1
7/16/13 1:05 PM
I'm trying to process some microarray CEL files, when I either try and do quality control or later analysis i get the same message:

java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "/Volumes/RobiNA_leopard_universal/RobiNA.app/Contents/Resources/Java/R/bin/R": error=2, No such file or directory

What does this mean?

RE: Exit code 1
7/16/13 1:41 PM as a reply to mark howard.
Hi Mark,

the error message indicates that you tried to run RobiNA from within the mounted
disk image. The disk image is mounted read-only - so RobiNA cannot write into it
and could, hence, not create the R start script that it tries to generate at startup.

That's why the program failed. Please copy the RobiNA Application to a folder on
your disk (e.g. /Applications would be a good place - in case you have no write
permission there, you should copy it somewhere into your /Users/YOURNAME
directory - as long as you have write permission any folder is OK).

After that, RobiNA should work properly.

Thanks for your feed back and bests,