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Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum

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Mapping failed with several pathways

Mapping failed with several pathways
5/15/23 4:44 PM
Hi all,
I have the 3.6 version of Mapman and I made my mapping file with Mercator4 from my transcriptome fasta file.

I have an issue with the pathways : I download from the website of Mapman several pathways in different version (X4.3, X4.2, X4.4, X4,5), but I only have mapping results with the X4.3 version of the photosynthesis pathway. All the other pathways in all different versions I downloaded don't work and an error message like this appear :
" 17829 out of 15883 data points have been successfully mapped to the bins of the chosen mapping. However the pathway you choose does not show any of this bins. Either add those bins manually to this pathway or choose a different Pathway!"

Is it normal to have this amount of successfully mapped data but that the mapping failed with all pathways I tried (even with the most general metabolism pathway...) ?

Thank a lot for your helping,