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Installing Robin

Installing Robin
11/23/10 5:47 PM

I have installed Robin in my personal computer without problems, but in my lab computer, where my "main" hard disk is H:\ I cant install it.

The installer creates the "base files" under H:\Robin\ directory, but then gives an error that states: "cannot create c:\windows\system32". My computer doesnt have a C:\harddisk (its reserved for some peropheric that we no longer use...)

Is there anyway I can "tell" the installer that my windows directory is on H:\ ?

I hace tried with the java installer but it has the same problem

Thanks in advance!

RE: Installing Robin
11/23/10 9:42 PM as a reply to Eduardo Gonzalez.
Dear Eduardo,

thanks for your interest in Robin - the problem is caused by the installer that wants to
copy a required library to the c:\windows\system32 folder which, in your case does not
exist. I will have a look into this and soon (presumably next week) provide a bugfix release
including a fix for this problem plus some other minor issues. Thanks for your patience,


RE: Installing Robin
11/24/15 11:14 AM as a reply to Marc Lohse.
Hi Marc,

I am trying to install RobiNA and get the same problem "Could not create directory c:\windows\system32\".

I can unzip the RobiNA installer and I guess I could copy the required files. The problem is that it does not create the robina.exe in the program folder anyways.

Is there any way to fix this?

Best regards