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MapMan for analyzing differential gene expression data from wheat RNA seq


I was trying to analyze some differential gene expression from a wheat RNA seq experiment. Since MapMan software lacks the mapping file from the Chinese Spring reference genome, I uploaded the fasta file of the gene sequences to mercator4 v4.0. Then the annotation results obtained were imported into mapman as a mapping file to analyze metabolic regulations. However, when I click on some of the sections like Metabolites, receptor like kinases etc. I get this error - 5771 out of 5769 data points have been sucessfully mapped to the bins of the choosen maping. However the pathway you choose does not show any of this bins. Either add those bins manually to this pathway or choose a different Pathway! What could be the possible reason for this error?
I want to look at both the upregulated and downregulated genes at the same time as red and blue square blocks. So, in the "choose experimental data section" should I upload the file containing all the DEGs regardless of upregulated or downregulated or the separate files containing the DEGs upregulated and downregulated.

Thank you

RE: MapMan for analyzing differential gene expression data from wheat RNA s
8/17/22 4:27 AM as a reply to Shivreet Kaur.
Hello, my Metabolites are also unavailable, the error is the same as yours, but my receptor like kinases can be used normally, I guess it may be that the differential gene expression list you use (generally the part of all genes) does not contain this pathway gene.
Maybe other reasons, please let me know if you know, thanks a lot!