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Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum

Using MapMan

using mapman

using mapman
7/1/08 5:38 PM

I'm new to mapman and am only getting starting working on some analyses. We are exploring the response of Arabidopsis to drought stress using the ATH1 array. So far, mapman visualizations have been really helpful to me in terms of understanding some of our
microarray results.

I do have a couple of quick questions.

Will there be a "mapping" update for TAIR version 8 anytime soon?

Are there any written description (even broad and general) for the various pathways or sub-bins? or publications that should be cited or that support particular pathways?

Several of our experiments are in timecourse or treatment series design. I noticed some example datasets online that allow easy comparison among time points. Is it possible to implement this under the download software? or is it possible to upload data on a restricted website to use these functions?

Finally, I really like the pathway images. But, they are kinda bulky. I've noticed a number of papers that present mapman pathways as columns, each row corresponding to various BINs, and columns corresponding to log2 values in particular experiments or treatments. Does anyone know of a simply way to translate or export data into this format?

Thanks of any help or advice - great software.

Re: using mapman
7/8/08 3:51 PM as a reply to Dear tom.

We are working on TAIR8 but it will take a few more weeks.

Also we will add timecoursedata but that might take a bit longer Axel?
Some very minimal descriptions are in the help file. But maybe you can tell us what would suit you best.

About pathways it is usually ok to just cite mapman (maybe except biotic stress which is Rotter et al) and Receptor kinases where the citation is embedded in the picture.

For the boxes diagram check out pageman

(Usadel et al, 2006)

Best Wishes,

Re: using mapman
7/10/08 8:37 AM as a reply to Dear tom.

the display of time course data onto pathways will be available in 2-3 month. Currently time course data or other multiple data sets can be displayed in parallel onto chromosomal maps (MapMan 2.2.0RC1).