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Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum

MapMan Bugs

BUG during startup when data files are missing

BUG: If data files are removed without prior unlinking from within the MapMan software, MapMan will throw a fatal exception during startup.


Edit the .ImageAnnotator.xml in your home directory by removing the offending xml tags which contain links to none existing data files:

( I ) open the .ImageAnnotator.xml file with your favourite text editor (on windows you might prefer the notepad)
(II) locate and remove the offending entries starting with a "<data xxx>" tag up to the end, marked by a "</data>" tag e.g.

<data name="GAPA_Coresponse.txt" header="true" id="0" ressourceId="133" file="/home/axel/MapManData/experiments/GAPA_Coresponse.txt" delimiter="tab" quotation="tab" numberFormat="1">
<dataSet name="VALUE" selected="true" type="2" column="1" references=""></dataSet>
(III) save the .ImageAnnotator.xml file


As a result of this simpler workaround you will have to reconfigure MapMan and re link your data files.
Localize and remove the .ImageAnnotator.xml file.

This will be fixed in the next release which is currently in the testing phase ;-)

sorry for the mess