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Eucalyptus grandis Analysis

Eucalyptus grandis Analysis
3/22/16 3:05 PM
I have used the Mapman program in recent months to analyze transcriptome data
from Oryza sativa and other organisms. However, I can not analyze
Eucalyptus grandis data. My data has the identification like LOC104419595
or NW_010092446.1. In Mapman (Mapping Egrandis_201) identification is the
type eucgr.l01755.1 | pacid: 23606639. I can not make the analysis because
not found any database containing these ids. Could you send me a fasta file
containing all proteins with these ids?
Or do you solve this problem in Mappings from Mapman?

RE: Eucalyptus grandis Analysis
3/22/16 3:44 PM as a reply to Camilo Elber Vital.
hello, maybe the attached file will help you: http://genome.jgi.doe.gov/pages/dynamicOrganismDownload.jsf?organism=Egrandis#