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Unable to launch RobiNA v1.2.4_build616 on OS 10.8.3

When trying to launch to RobiNA v1.2.4_build616 on a 2012 MacBookPro running 10.8.3 I get a ' "RobiNA.app" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash' error message. I downloaded the dmg again but received the same error.

RE: Unable to launch RobiNA v1.2.4_build616 on OS 10.8.3
5/21/13 11:05 AM as a reply to Colin SH.
Hi Colin,

and thank you for your message. That looks serious - the problem is that i am still developing the mac version
of RobiNA on a Mac OS X 10.6.8 since i had been reluctant to "change a running system". I do, however, realize
now that i eventually might have to upgrade to 10.8 to make sure RobiNA runs on latest OS X.

The problem you are experiencing is actually caused by a new security mechanism in 10.8 that is called Gatekeeper.
The Gatekeeper categorically stops execution of all applications that were not downloaded from the App Store and or
developed by a certified developer. RobiNA, being largely a Java Application, is hence blocked by this "helpful" new
addition (thanks for that) and the error message does not say so but claims that the software is broken (thanks again...).

A solution might be to start RobiNA not by double-clicking the application icon but by right-clicking and choosing
"open" from the context menu. That should show you a dialog that explains that RobiNA does not originate from
a certified developer and should allow you to open it anyway.

In case that also fails you could try switching off the gatekeeper completely in the security settings of the system

I hope this helps and will try to find out how/if i can solve this problem.

Thanks again for the report and best greetings,