We would like to acknowledge the precious input of Dres. Frederic Beisson, Joost van Dongen, Matthew Hannah, Chris Helliwell, Claire Hutchinson, Joe Kieber, Ute Krämer, Yan-Xia Liu, John Lunn, Steven Maere, John Ohlrogge,  Wolf-Rüdiger Scheible, Waltraud X. Schulze, Jen Sheen, Alison M Smith, Alison Smith, Lieven de Veylder, Dirk Warnecke, Klaas van Wijk and Rita Zrenner

which significantly improved the mapman ontology and classification.

We would further like to acknowledge Dres. Matthew Hannah, Sabine Kahlau and Waltraud X Schulze for providing pathway pictures.

Finally we would like to acknowledge Dres. Jens Schwachtje for filing bug reports on either the software or the pathways.