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Hordeum vulgare

  • Grain maturation and germination

    N. Sreenivasulu et al. (2008) Barley Grain Maturation and Germination: Metabolic Pathway and Regulatory Network Commonalities and Differences Highlighted by New MapMan/PageMan Profiling Tools. Plant Physiol. 146:1738-1758. (PubMed)

Medicago trunculata

  • Defense-associated gene expression

    Tellström, V., B. Usadel, O. Thimm, M. Stitt, H. Küster and K. Niehaus (2007) The lipopolysaccharide of Sinorhizobium meliloti suppresses defense-associated gene expression in cell cultures of the host plant Medicago truncatula. Plant Physiol. 143(2): 825-37. (PubMed)

Arabidopsis thaliana