Title: Gene profiling in partially resistant and susceptible near-isogenic tomatoes in response to late blight in the field.

Cai, G. et al. Submitted to Molecular Plant Pathology.

The present study describes a time course of a compatible and partially compatible interaction between Phytophthora infestans and two near isogenic lines of tomato under field conditions, using mocroarrays. We found some genes that are very likely to appear to be induced in both isogenic lines, in the absence of P. infestans. In addition, we demonstrated that the likelihood of false positives or false negatives under field conditions are very low. Partially silencing of two genes tended to reduce resistance in the resistant isogenic line, but there was no change of susceptibility in the susceptible line.

This is a time course experiment between two tomato cultivars(M82 and IL62) and Phytophthora infestans. The time course was taken at 12, 36 and 60 hours after inoculation.

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