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Potato genome mapping file

Potato genome mapping file
potato genome
2011.11.30. 8:41

The potato genome was released some months ago and it would be of great help to have mapping files for this. Would it be possible for you to build these from the potato genome sequences?

The genes are available here: http://solgenomics.net/metadata/file/8/download
Transcripts here: http://solgenomics.net/metadata/file/10/download
Proteins in FASTA here: http://solgenomics.net/metadata/file/11/download

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Many thanks.

With best wishes,
Erik Alexandersson

RE: Potato genome mapping file
2011.12.16. 9:18 válaszként erre: Erik Olof Alexandersson.
Dear Erik,

the mapping file you have requested is ready and available via the MapManStore
and directly from within the MapMan application.

Best greetings,