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Can I integrate KEGG pathway in mapman?

Can I integrate KEGG pathway in mapman?
2010.05.27. 5:27
I want to use the kegg pathway to analysis pathway changes when my rice plants were treated with different stress. How can I do it?

RE: Can I integrate KEGG pathway in mapman?
2010.10.06. 12:06 válaszként erre: chen chen.
Dear Chen Chen,

it depends what you want to do exactly, if you just want to look for overrepresented pathways in PageMan there is a converter for that, but since unfortunately the KEGG ontology website is changing a lot we might have to go through this togetherto adapt it.

The tool is here:
(We are not allowed to redistribute KEGG files, so the tool will download the necessary files for you if you are an academic user, as for-profit users are alos not allowed to use KEGG without a license agreement with them, at least to my understanding)

If you want to use KEGG Pathways to visulaize data, you will have to downbload the KEGG maps and then build your own maps out of them. This will require some work on your side though. You can follow the MapMan tutorial for this, which should give you a starting point.

But if you are interested in special Pathways Kegg has and MapMan doesn't you can also just tell us whcih pathways you want to see included. (They will likely look different as we are plant centric )

Best wishes,