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Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum

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new sorghum annotation

new sorghum annotation
2018.09.21. 22:09

I am trying to use MapMan to map DEGS which are in the newest Sorghum gene annotation format... "Sobic.XXXGXXXXXX.X". The only mapping file I see available for Sorghum bicolor is Sbicolor_79. I cannot seem to convert my gene names to the format that is needed to match MapMan's annotation file to run the program. Is MapMan planning on uploading a newer Sorghum gene annotation file from version 454? Or does a newer mapping file currently exist that I can download?

Thank you

RE: new sorghum annotation
2018.09.27. 16:12 válaszként erre: Lauren Fedenia.
Hi Lauren,

We have upgraded the Mercator tool that it will now create mapping files in minutes rather than hours.

This therefore means that if you cannot find the required mapping file (with the correct gene annotation format), then it is best to submit the fasta file to mercator.

This of course should be the fast file which contains the same identifiers are used in your experiment.