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Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum

Zea mayz
2018.09.18. 16:06
I would like to use MAPMAN to analyze my data however the current mapping for Zea mayz is very outdated (2012) and I am working on RNAseq data from maize in which the genes are annotated according to the new genome version (AGPv4).
I was wondering whether you will release a new map file for maize or if there is another solution to this problem. I tried to use the Mercator 4 and to load the protein sequences (in fasta format) but I didn't get any results yet.


RE: Zea mayz
2018.09.19. 7:51 válaszként erre: Lior Doron.
Hi Lior

we also have ENSEMBL39 maize files

We might just skip to ENSEMBL40 for the mapman store for autodownload.

In any case Mercator should give you results within maximally 20 minutes. (usually <5minutes)
Marie is checking what went wrong with your submission

Best Wishes

RE: Zea mayz
2018.09.21. 16:44 válaszként erre: Björn Usadel.
Hi Björn,

I couldn't find the maize files at the link that you sent me.
There are many other plants in there but I didn't see Zea mayz.
Is there a way to upload the maize mapping files to the forum.