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Medicago Mapping file

Medicago Mapping file
2009.06.29. 13:57

I'm a French student in a training period in a biotech lab. I am currently working on Affymetrix datas.
We are working on Affymetrix Medicago chip, and MapMan provide us a great help. However, I would need the medicago mapping file in text format (I didn't manage to open m02 neither with a text editor nor Excel)...

Do someone have this file?

Thank you

Re: Medicago Mapping file
2009.07.13. 8:49 válaszként erre: Tim Chaumier.
Hi Tim,

in future we will make all the mapping files available for download in human readable format - for now we can only send them upon individual request. So if you gtell me your email adress I'll be happy to send you the medicago affy mapping file as a text table.