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Mercator Download

Mercator Download
5/14/13 2:39 PM
I've tried to download a standalone version of Mercator, since the protein fasta file I would like to run exceeds the allowed size.
I went to the following link:

the link is broken / "NOT FOUND"

Is Mercator still available for download???
Please update the link on the website, or post the proper link in the Forum!

Thank you for your work and effort!

Best regards,

RE: Mercator Download
5/14/13 3:23 PM as a reply to David Lyon.
Hi David,

i am sorry to tell you that there currently is no standalone download version of the mercator
pipeline. We are offering the mercator service for free and users can contact us directly in
case they want to annotate confidential data. We are happy to set up a confidentiality agreement
is necessary. The current version of Mercator runs on our cluster system - the outdated
standalone version just made use of the CPU it was installed on which can result in extremely
long processing times (unless it is installed on a very powerful machine).

Please fell free to contact me directly (lohse@mpimp-golm.mpg.de) concerning the annotation of your
protein data file.

best greetings,