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Filter does not work in Mapman 3.5.0 beta

It can be good to filter a microarray datafile to just look at the contigs which are significantly decreased or increased in an experiment.
e.g. >1.1 or <-1.1 sognal log ratio to control
I have tried to load a datafile(barley affymetrix data) containing columns of data and adjacent derived data with header d_data as instructed
Right clicking does not bring up a box allowing filtering.

"A third option is to specify so called "derived values". Headers beginning with "d_" are treated as belonging to the preceding numeric value. These values are shown in a tree structure on the selection directory on the left side."

"It is possible to apply a filter on these derived values. Just right click on one of them and select configure filter. An option box appears where you can filter values by means of a "greater than - less than" criterion."

I would be grateful if anyone explain how to do this for a newbie. Or is it a bug?
I attach the relevant datafile.
best regards and thanks

RE: Filter does not work in Mapman 3.5.0 beta
9/12/11 10:15 PM as a reply to Simon Peter Gough.
In your case if you wanted to filter the first column named p0613_cer-cqu124ver w.t_Signal Log Ratio
then you should name the secong column d_p0613_cer-cqu124ver w.t_Signal Log Ratio and it will appear as a filter column.