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annotating barley data in Robin and moving it to Mapman

annotating barley data in Robin and moving it to Mapman
mapping file
8/5/10 11:23 PM
At the end of the Robin (v 1.1.5) preprocessing, there is an option to annotate the data. A drop down box offers about 15 options, along with the possibility to load additional annotation files through an "import new" button. I use the "import new" button to navigate to the Hvu_Affy.m02 file (downloaded today from the mapman store) I want to add, and select that file. However, the new annotation does not appear or is not accepted into the drop down list, so I cannot add the barley annotation. I can separately import the Hvu_Affy.m02 annotation into Mapman (v 5.1.1) and it appears to load OK. However, if I skip the annotation step in Robin (since I can't load the appropriate annotation for the Affy barley chip), I get an error message "Robin could not connect to the MapMan communication server. Please make sure that MapMan is running" followed by a second splash box indicating a data transfer problem "MapMan data import failure. The data could be transferred to MapMan, but the import failed. If the problem persists, please seek advice from the MapMan forum." , and then the system hangs/crashes. This happens whether MapMan is running or not, and whether or not I have imported the Hvu_Affy.m02 annotation file into MapMan. I get the same error series on two different PCs (both running XP), each of which had the most recent versions of Robin, MapMan, and PageMan downloaded and installed/reinstalled today.

RE: annotating barley data in Robin and moving it to Mapman
8/6/10 9:15 AM as a reply to Mark R Schmitt.
Dear Mark Schmitt,

thanks for your error report - could you please tell me which version of the Java virtual machine you are
using? Another important question is whether Robin/MapMan have been installed by an administrator and
the user account trying to run them does not have write privileges for the installation directory (that could
explain why the import of the Hvu mapping did not work).

best greetings,