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"Bad CPU type" in Robin

"Bad CPU type" in Robin
7/12/10 6:22 PM
My lab is very excited about using Robin to analyze our existing Affymetrix microarray data, but it crashes before performing any statistics! We're using Robin for Mac OS 10.6 on an Intel MacBook.

If I request "run quality check tools" when importing my .cel files, Robin crashes then. The popup says "QC process: batchQCscript Thread-21 failed! Exit code: 1".

If I skip quality checking, I can set up the analysis through the "design your experiment" screen, but when I try to proceed I get a different error popup: "The analysis failed! Please read the detailed output of the R engine below to trace the problem.:" (But there is no text below.)

In either case, the content of the robin.error.txt file is this:
/Applications/Robin.app/Contents/Resources/Java/R/bin/R: line 230: /Applications/Robin.app/Contents/Resources/Java/R/lib/R/bin/exec/R: Bad CPU type in executable
/Applications/Robin.app/Contents/Resources/Java/R/bin/R: line 230: /Applications/Robin.app/Contents/Resources/Java/R/lib/R/bin/exec/R: Unknown error: 0

The paper in Plant Phys makes us really want to try this program, so I hope someone can help!

RE: "Bad CPU type" in Robin
7/13/10 8:41 AM as a reply to Kylee M. Peterson.
Dear Kylee Peterson,

first of all thanks for your interest in using Robin. I am currently trying to reproduce
your problem but i have the impression that it is very specific to the hardware you
are using. To help me solve the problem it would be great if you could supply some
more information about your hardware. The R that is packaged with the 10.6 disk
image was compiled for a x86_64 processor architecture (e.g. Intel Core 2 Duo).
Could you please tell me which processor architecture your MacBook has (to find
out click on the Apple symbol in the menu bar -> choose "about this mac" and then
further information or open the System Profiler application directly).

Hoping to solve the problem soon,
with best greetings,

RE: "Bad CPU type" in Robin
7/15/10 1:31 AM as a reply to Marc Lohse.
Hi, Marc,

Thanks for your response! The processor is an Intel Core Duo (no 2), 1.83 GHz. Please let me know if you need any other information!


RE: "Bad CPU type" in Robin
7/15/10 7:19 AM as a reply to Kylee M. Peterson.
Hi Kylee,

and thanks for the answer! Unfortunately i fear i'll need more information since your CPU
should, at least in principle, be compatible with Robin's R engine. Could you please do the

1. Open a Terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app)
2. Type "system_profiler > ~/Desktop/SYSTEM_INFO.TXT"
3. This should have created a file named SYSTEM_INFO.TXT on your Desktop
4. Send me this file via email.

I hope that will help me find out what's wrong. Do you maybe have access to other
Macs models? If so you could try running Robin on one of those to see whether
the same error occurs.

Thanks for your patience and best greetings,