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RNA-Seq Data Analysis (RobiNa)

RNA-Seq Data Analysis (RobiNa)
8/25/20 11:35 AM
Dear Sir,
We would like to analyze our RNA seq data. We downloaded the RobiNa and installed in Mac and windows 10. We followed the instructions carefully while installion. Java is also installed (correct version). In both Mac and windows 10 when I click on "RNA sequencing experiment"--> "Start new project", and enter a file name for the new folder, I get a "setting up workflow" box that just never finishes (green line continues moving, but software seems "stuck" at this point). I have the latest version of Java, so I'm not sure what's going on. Note that the other modes (microarray analyses) within RobiNA don't have this problem- they work fine. I have tried this on multiple computers with the same problem. Any advice?

It will be of great help. Please suggest a solution to run RNA seq in RobiNa