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Citrus Mapping Errors

Citrus Mapping Errors
error message mapping citrus
9/20/19 2:58 PM
I recently performed a proteomics experiment using citrus. I mapped the database I used with Mercator 4, as well as assigned all my found sequences with their matching identifier.

When I go to look at a pathway I receive this error:

"Data does not fit mapping used: (No data points mapped)! Please choose the appropriate mapping which matched your data!"

I believe my files are in the required format, but I cannot figure out why I am getting this error.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have attached my a sample of the data: DataSample
and also my mapping file: CitrusDBresults.results

RE: Citrus Mapping Errors
9/20/19 5:03 PM as a reply to Kaylie Padgett-Pagliai.
Dear Kaylie,

I took a look at your experiment file (DataSample) and the format is correct.

The problem is that the genes in the experiment file map to bins for which currently no pathway diagram exist.

your seven genes map to the following:-

The bins 35.1 and 35.2 are categories which we have not yet categorised in MapMan.

For the other four bins, we do not yet have any diagrams which include these.
We are constantly updating our pathway diagrams, but as a workaround, you can create your own diagram which would contain these bins.
The mapman ultimate guide provides details on how to do this.

I hope that my response has been helpful.

RE: Citrus Mapping Errors
9/20/19 5:11 PM as a reply to Marie Bolger.

Thank you for the help. I will try the "create your own diagram" method!