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new user

new user
7/11/05 8:40 AM
I am a new user and have downloaded and installed the mapman on to my machine (win-98). But i am unable to run any of the applications.........i feel really daft, am i missing something. Please help!

Re: new user
7/12/05 7:23 AM as a reply to Dear sumis.
Does the application start and you are unable to get it to show data?
Or is it an installation problem!

win98 hmmmm....
You need quite some memory and processing power: 256M.
Especially the loading of excel data files is very memory expensive.


Re: new user
7/12/05 10:05 AM as a reply to Dear sumis.
i can open the image annotator now but am unable to load my experiments..do the excel file need to be labelled ina particular way.ii comes up with error in loading. my array has the gene id column, est id column and signal value. please let me know i read the halp pdf but i can't understand what the problem can be.
2nd question
Can I have signal values of more than one experiment? how to get it to do the pathway

Re: new user
7/13/05 10:41 AM as a reply to Dear sumis.
It does support multiple columns of data in one data file:
The first column should always be the identifier (affymetrix or agi gene code) . The other columns can all be data columns.
And you may have a header row or not (You will have to select first row contains header according to your file).
Please make sure that the right number format is choosen. In your case the auto number format detection mught have messed up because of the second none number column. Please choose comma or point as decimal separator

When loading a data file you get a dialog where you can select which columns you want to use. Concerning your data format you should deselect the second column.
And ould you please tell me what the error message is?