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error 9
12/1/05 5:00 PM
Hello! I recently installed MapMan, and am quite sure that I am loading my data in the correct format. However, I continue to receive "Error reloading data: 9"

I have tried re-installing, etc. Running on windows XP platform, networked machine. Any suggestions?


Re: error 9
12/1/05 5:06 PM as a reply to geoff fucile.

hmm strange. Can you load the sample data?

Which version are you using? Click on MapMan help about?


Re: error 9
12/5/05 7:05 AM as a reply to geoff fucile.

I have checked the code of the recent version and haven't found any hint what that might say.
If you could be so kind and sent us the sample data file ( nagel@rzpd.de) so we could try to reproduce the failure to be able to get a more meaningfull error message or solve the problem in general.


Re: error 9
12/6/05 5:31 PM as a reply to geoff fucile.
Thanks for your help, I've sent the file.