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Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum

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problem with mapman 2.2.0RC1

problem with mapman 2.2.0RC1
7/16/08 6:06 PM

I just downloaded and installed the new release candidate. It looks like everything installed fine. The imagine annotator window list folders for various mappings and pathways. However, when I try to show a pathway I get an error message that says "cannot read pathway image: c:\documents and setting\....."

Are the pathways and mappings automatically downloaded with this new installation? or am I running into some conflict from some previous version I had on this computer? and pathways/mappings that were removed?


Re: problem with mapman 2.2.0RC1
7/17/08 6:53 AM as a reply to Dear tom.
Hi Tom,

if you had already installed an older version of MapMan you will have an existing ".ImageAnnotator.xml" within your home directory.
MapMan actually uses a two step install procedure.

1.) "real" software installation. Installs the MapMan Software.
2.) initial configuration and download of the latest mappings and pathways ...

Every time MapMan ist started, it will check for the existence of the .ImageAnnotator.xml file, to check, whether step 2 has to be executed.

So DELETING your .ImageAnnotator.xml file will always trigger download of the newest mappings and pathways, but it will also loose its previous configuration.

So if you have removed your MapMan data directory containing the pathways and mappings you will have to delete the .ImageAnnotator.xml file  to trigger step 2.

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