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Robin and RobiNA

RobiNA differences between DeSeq1 and EdgeR

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Message from Beatriz Sabater-Munoz

I'm using RobiNA to identify differential expressed genes among different stress conditions in bacteria. I had included three replicates of each condition.
And used DeSeq1 and EdgeR to perform DE analysis.
What are the d_control-treatment columns values? Why with DEseq I get Control-Treatment values whereas with EdgeR I get Treatment-control?
the minus sign indicate subtraction rather than division?

I understand that 0 means no differential expression, but 1 and -1 stats for upregulated and down regulated? Why I obtain opposite values for the same gene with EdgeR and DESeq?

FDR should not affect this change from unregulated to down regulated gene, only should affect to genes shorted as up or down regulated from those identified as differential expressed, isn't it?

I tried to understand from the manual, but is missing from the page since last month, and information about DEseq1 or EdgeR in Bioconductor do not help with the meaning of -1, 0 and 1, at the column d_control-treament.