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New version of potato mapping file?

New version of potato mapping file?
8/6/15 7:30 PM
I am stuck at the last step of RNAseq analysis. Here is the situation...

I had 3 tissue types and two genotypes (wild type mutant) that were used for generating reads. I did RNAseq analysis and generated excel file with differential expressed genes.

Problem: Now I want to visualize these genes in Mapman and mapman has mapping files which do not match with the locus ID of my data file. The format of my locus ID is something like ST4.03ch01:1139850-1140332 instead a geneID, such as PGSC0003DMG400032211 or transcript ID, such as PGSC0003DMT400082032.
So, I am not able to load my data into mapman. Could you please suggest some solution for this.

Probably there will be new mapping file that matches with locus that I have.


RE: New version of potato mapping file?
9/28/16 6:58 PM as a reply to Sukhwinder Singh Aulakh.

sorry I haven't seen this format yet. But if you have a multi-fast file, you can use Mercator (see link above) to easily create yourself a tailored Mapping File. It shouldn't take more than 1h or so, especially if you can submit protein translations.

Best Wishes