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problems installing new pathway

problems installing new pathway
28.8.2019 13:54
Dear colleagues,

I installed a new pathway "R_stress" and did my analysis as usual. Unfortunately, I got an error message "93 out of 92 data points have been sucessfully mapped to the bins of the choosen maping. However the pathway you choose does not show any of this bins.
Either add those bins manually to this pathway or choose a different Pathway!".
Which mapping file do I need? I tried several A_thaliana mapping files (Ath_AGI_TAIR9_Jan2010, Ath_AGI_LOCUS_TAIR10_Aug2012, Ath_AFFY_ATH1_TAIR10_Aug2012) but got always the same error message. Where did I make a mistake?
When I use default pathways there are no problems.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

version: 3.6.0RC1

RE: problems installing new pathway
28.8.2019 15:40 vastaus kirjoittajalle Michael Weber.

In regards to which mapping file you should use:-
You should always use the mapping file which has the same identifiers as your experiment file.

From your error message, it seems that you have 92 entries in your experiment file. There are 93 mappings (some can be mapped more than once), but none of these are visible on your current selected pathway diagram.

This "R_stress" pathway diagram is a 'special' diagram which is actually somewhat obsolete under the currently available mapman trees.


RE: problems installing new pathway
29.8.2019 14:03 vastaus kirjoittajalle Marie Bolger.
Hi Marie,
thanks a lot for your help

Kind regards