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Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum Welcome to the MapMen Family of Software Forum

New pathways
19.8.2005 8:58
4 new pathways are added, please test:

- protein targeting

- simple lipid biosynthesis

- tetrapyrrole biosynthesis

- nucleotide biosynthesis (preliminary)

Re: New pathways
12.9.2005 9:36 vastaus kirjoittajalle Björn Usadel.
The pathays are available via download direct from your mapman application. just use the right mouse button on the pathways folder and select add -> download and then you will be presented with the currently available pathways.
They are not automatically included in the current version available for download(1.6.0) but will be in the next on 1.6.3 to be released soon..

Re: New pathways
27.9.2005 19:23 vastaus kirjoittajalle Björn Usadel.
And again a pathway is available for testing. Currently for SOL Mappingfile only.

(Arabidopsis is mapped and will become available soon)

Polyamine Biosynthesis