Mercator pipeline for automated sequence annotation


Using the Mercator web application you can assign MapMan "Bins" to arbitrary DNA or protein input sequences. The output will be a text file mapping each input identifier to one or more Bins. This file can directly be used as a mapping file for the high-throughput data visualization and meta-analysis software MapMan.

The Mercator tool generates functional predictions by searching a variety of reference databases (currently 6 are available: 3 BLAST-based, 2 RPSBLAST based and InterProScan) and subsequently evaluating and compiling the search results for each input gene to propose a functional Bin based on the manually curated binning of the reference database entries.

All input data has to submitted in FASTA format.


If you use the Mercator tool for your work, please cite:

Mercator: a fast and simple web server for genome scale functional annotation of plant sequence data.

Lohse M, Nagel A, Herter T, May P, Schroda M, Zrenner R, Tohge T, Fernie AR, Stitt M, Usadel B.

Plant Cell Environ. 2013 Nov 15. doi: 10.1111/pce.12231. [Epub ahead of print]